About Us

How we got started

It all started one fateful day when Otto
brought home a Shih Tzu that was given to him by his co-worker. As time went on, the whole family
took a liking to this new dog. Otto decided
that he wants to learn the art of grooming so he can groom his dog and maybe groom some friend’s dogs as a hobby.
So, he attended the local grooming school.
He spent many hours perfecting his skills by practicing on his own dogs. Finally, Otto took his newfound
love of dogs to the next level and established his own
dog grooming salon in 2005. Since then, our family has
grown to love all sorts of dogs.

Our Mission

In order to provide outstanding service
with unparalleled quality, we are always
striving to improve the grooming experience
for both the pet and their owner.
Our clients, the pets, are important
to us, and that is why
“We Pledge to Serve Your Dog”.

Our Services

Bath and Brush

A simple but thorough bath and brush along with ear cleaning

The Works

A bath and brush including all the sanitary trims


The Works along with a hair cut of your specifications